Health insurance for Hungarian expats

Quick, fully digital*, affordable

100% guarantee

*If the Immigration Office or your employer will not approve the insurance, you can delete it and you will get back the insurance premium.

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* We don’t share your personal info with anyone and we use only for the calculation. 

Why you should choose us?

Simple to take out

We offer simple packages, to make your decision easier.

Market-leader Insurer

Generali is the market-leader in Hungarian health insurance sector with about 400 service providers and tens of thousands of customers.

Premium healthcare

If you will need medical or hospital care, the insurance company will pay the bill directly to the service provider.

Digital contracting

If you need only the basic package, you dont' have to come to our office, you can take out your insurance digitally.

Quick process

We answer you in 2 working hours and you can get your insurance on the same day you send us your details.

Worldwide healthcare

If you often travel to abroad or prefer to rely on international service providers, we offer you healthcare that can serve you anywhere in the world.

What is the process of the contracting?

If you can come in to our office, it can be an immediate contract after a short negotiation.

Send us to your needs and details.

You will get a calculation and "terms and contitions" from us.

You will make a decision, maybe we talk about it by email, phone or in our office.

We will need the scanned version of your personal documents (passport, visa, address card, etc.)

We finalize the insurance contract and send it to you by email or make an appointment in the office.

You have to approve the contract online, then pay for it by card.

In some cases the insurer may require a medical examination.

We will send you the policy. It is finised, you can use your new insurance.

How much is your health insurance?

*Every price below was calculated for a 18 year old person and it has to be payed annually. You can see below the most popular packages, but you can choose exclusive and international services, too.


From HUF 202k

Everything from "Medium" plus...
Extended care
Ambulatory surgeries
One-day surgery
International medical
second opinion
Vaccination against the flu with reimbursement of the price of the flu shot
Patient Transport (with a paramedic)


From HUF 80k

Insurer pay directly to the service provider
medical assistance by telephone 24/7
Outpatient care
Laboratory tests
Diagnostic tests


From HUF 30k

You will get a predefined amount on some cases you see below.
Accidental death
Accidental disability
Bone fracture
Daily hospital allowance

Limited offer, save 20% for annual plan only till 30 of March

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We will send you the calculation and Terms and Conditions in two working hours.

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone and we use only for the calculation.